22 Mayıs 2013 Çarşamba

The Future

The future scares the shit out of me. How does anyone know today, that they are doing the right thing for their future? How does anyone know that they are not on the worst possible track? Who can tell when is the point of no return? Is it never too late to change or is it already too late?

I mean even if i do everything right, the future of the world will be a much less sexier version of the pic below. 

WTF are we going to do?

19 Mayıs 2013 Pazar

Never Give All The Heart

Never give all the heart, for love
Will hardly seem worth thinking of
To passionate women if it seem
Certain, and they never dream
That it fades out from kiss to kiss;
For everything that's lovely is
But a brief, dreamy, kind delight.
O never give the heart outright,
For they, for all smooth lips can say,
Have given their hearts up to the play.
And who could play it well enough
If deaf and dumb and blind with love?
He that made this knows all the cost,
For he gave all his heart and lost.

William Butler Yeats