2 Ocak 2013 Çarşamba

Knocked Another One Out of the Park

Life gave you shit? Make good songs.

Bitch of a day, hardest this year (ha ha), second hardest in the last 6 months. But as i said one post before, i see you life. You don't get to me. You definitely try for some reason, i see that too, but you do not get to me. I write and i rise above. But i have a dirty mouth so in a very cool way, i must add, fuck you.

I will rule this year, make a lot of money and create lots of opportunities that will make lots of money later. Then i bet you will be very fine, dear life, you'll go along really smoothly. I won't say a thing, i'll let it pass and you will know that i had the last laugh and you are one sorry bitch.

Sorry, bitch.

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