21 Haziran 2012 Perşembe


Once again i have to be tested about being patient enough for the upcoming half-assed, unsatisfactory prizes, that will have no longevity, no sense of accomplishment and will go up in the flames the first second that it starts giving some hope about the future. I don't think i'm supposed to be a writer or a musician or a director or an engineer, i'm just meant to be waiting every day, all the time and have the rug pulled from under my feet anytime i feel safe on the ground. They say god opens a window whenever he closes a door (or something like that), in my case he shuts the door, covers up the windows like a window in Bruges, fills the city with water and takes away my boat. Yeah i would like to think i'm like Bruges, had minimum damage from both world wars and just waiting over there until a spectacular film is done about it and afterwards, is discovered by many people who didn't give a shit about it for decades before.

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